TrueVolve Technologies incorporated Scalefusion and helped clients to grow and develop their Business

TrueVolve Technologies

About Company

TrueVolve Technologies is a young software engineering company specialising in open source-based, cutting-edge technology projects. It is a decentralised, distributed, collaborative company which places emphasis on innovation rather than location.

For this reason, it primarily focuses on Linux based systems.The TrueVolve team has a passion for the open source technology. The company distinguishes itself from the hoard of other software development companies with the simple premise. They only take on projects that they believe in and interests them.

The Business Challenge

Since opening its doors in 2014, TrueVolve Technologies had decided to offer premier services to their clients, it was crucial to give their clients a sense of control, over the Android devices used by their operators. To deliver the best possible experience, TrueVolve realised they needed a robust technology to deploy a new version of their company app without using Google Play Services. Having said that, with these issues fresh in the minds of the TrueVolve team, they began to search for a solution that offered them a befitting Android Kiosk mode app.

The Solution

After evaluating many apps online, TrueVolve discovered the solution which could meet the needs of scalability and real-time performance for their clients by selecting Scalefusion . TrueVolve quickly deployed this Android Device Management solution. They commenced their first project with implementing Scalefusion
in their business and could see positive results in all areas within few weeks of deployment. To add more to it, they have incorporated this MDM solution in various other projects by optimising Scalefusion's Add-on features like the
Enterprise Store, where remotely distribution of the new version of apps through a cloud-based dashboard became a secure and easy process for TrueVolve. They also wish to utilize the Geofencing feature of Scalefusion that helps to set up a virtual geographical fence for each device. Whenever the device goes out of that set limit, it is recorded and weekly log is sent to administrator by email.

Business Benefits

TrueVolve Technologies wouldn't have performed so well amidst their clients without Scalefusion. Henceforth, it continues to hold a great significance in the journey of TrueVolve. Enke Marx, Software Developer at TrueVolve Technologies adds, "Unfortunately, I don't know many people in search of this solution, but should I ever be part of such a conversation, I will definitely recommend Scalefusion.” With Scalefusion as their MDM solution, they know that their needs and requirements will be taken care of now or later as they keep on adding new technologies.

Client Speaks:

“Thank you for a wonderful product! It's become part of our arsenal of online products we offer to our clients. It's professional and beautiful and just works.The level of personal support these guys offer and timely! is amazing. They are always available and always friendly. The product itself is just what you need when you want to manage your app releases and the devices they are deployed to. The backend system is slick and beautifully designed - it's so easy to use! They use the latest everything and if they don't have it, they'll maybe make it work for you. Truly the only product I'll ever use when I require Kiosk mode.”

About Scalefusion:

Scalefusion assists you in managing, controlling and communicating with your Android mobile devices in real-time. It can remotely distribute apps and file contents to your Android mobile devices using a cloud-based dashboard.
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