Rollema improves employee efficiency with the help from Scalefusion


About Company

Rollema is based in Netherland since 1860 and offers customer-specific solutions in logistics and technology by dedicated & qualified staff and innovative techniques. They provide logistics and technical services mainly for healthcare equipment, safes, UPS equipment, vending machines, ATM equipment, PDU equipment, air conditioners, infrastructure for data centers, and fitness equipment. Rollema believes in innovation and freedom as a part of their work culture. They believe in having an eye for detail, for the future and the long term.

The Business Challenge

Rollema believes that as a company you can only survive as long as you move with the times and have an eye for the welfare of your customers and staff. In order to speed up their operational process, they decided to provide mobile devices to their ground staff as well as field employees.

But they faced few challenges –

1. The first challenge was – misuse of devices. Their purpose for providing the mobile devices was to increase the productivity but unnecessary access to irrelevant websites, apps, videos, social media, games, music etc distracted the employees. So, they wanted to ensure that there were no distractions during work hours and are used for the work purpose only.
2. Also, misuse of the devices led high data usage bills, hence increasing the cost. To keep it in check, restricted browsing was required.
3. Lot of documentation was required by the drivers and other field employees in transit as well at client location, hence they needed a paperless system so that they do not have to carry the paperwork.
4. Again, field employees and drivers faced issues with their devices and their app on it. For that purpose, they needed a remote support system by which IT admin can troubleshoot the device by screen sharing. While in transit, there are big chances that devices get stolen or lost. For that purpose, what they required was security of the devices and real-time notification system which can send message to the IT admin and secure somehow the business data and content on it.

The Solution

Rollema knew that to manage all its devices remotely, they need a scalable and efficient Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. Rollema researched about what is MDM solution and they narrowed down on Scalefusion as it offered what they required.


Scalefusion features which met Rollema’s challenges -

1. Kiosk Lockdown
2. Whitelisting of websites and restricting apps
3. Content Management
4. RemoteCast
5. Security features

Business Benefits

Misuse of the devices was taken care of by Scalefusion, as a result, the efficiency of the staff increases. Even, data usage was controlled, by which rising costs were taken care of. They are highly satisfied with the timely support services provided by the Scalefusion team and wish to continue with Scalefusion in coming years.


From The Client

“We got control over our business mobile devices, increased our productivity and prevented misuse of app and devices, we also could control the mobile data consumption.”

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