How RED-EHS could secure tablets from unauthorised usage?


About Company

RED-EHS is one of the leading tablet-based patient, staff and inventory management system for Long Term Care (Nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, and assisted living facilities), Home Health and Correctional facilities in the USA. It is the total solution for advanced mobile care patient management. It provides a genuine mobile platform, focused on helping facilities enhancing patient care by increasing the reach of their EHRs in digital format.

RED-EHS is the only company which guarantees 100% inventory control utilizing their proprietary LTE based medical supply Smart Dispensers. RED-EHS provides facilities with cost-effective, cloud-based, one-stop primary care solution.

The Business Challenge

The healthcare facilities, deploys RED-EHS app on their tablets. Since, it is a cloud-based solution storing critical information about patients & their medications with various features including inventory management, staff-in services etc, it was necessary to ensure that -


1. Tablets with RED-EHS solutions are used safely only by the authorized healthcare professionals.

2. In addition to that, they needed their devices to be locked for all other purposes except run their solution.

3. Prevent misuse of the tablets, data, and content.

4. Control data consumption by the users.

5. Ability to remotely install latest versions of their applications on the authorized devices.

The Solution

RED-EHS tried various products that would allow them to lockdown and manage their tablets. They tested multiple other solutions, but they were difficult to implement, configure, use and did not meet their requirement.


RED-EHS choose Scalefusion as Android Device Management Solution, as it's easy to use, quick to deploy and has world-class support. Scalefusion  restricted their tablets to 'Kiosk Mode' to avoid any misuse as well as helped them to keep track of tablets and remotely support them. The main features of Scalefusion
which RED-EHS found helpful are:-


1. Password Protected Kiosk Mode
2. Authorised & secured usage of the tablets
3. Cloud-based remote monitoring and management of their devices
4. Scalefusion Enterprise Store
5. Scalefusion Content Management
6. Scalable solution
7. Easy to use Dashboard


After deployment, Scalefusion has been able to meet their desired expectation level. They prefer to continue leveraging it, as they are highly satisfied with the results and all the support they are getting to meet their challenges.

Business Benefits

The main benefit they have attained with the help of Scalefusion is that they are able to secure the tablet and the data on it from any unauthorized usage. RED-EHS is a comprehensive solution with various features which are strengthened by Scalefusion. In addition, it has helped them achieve the digitization of Health Records which otherwise requires a cumbersome maintenance with all the records on paper.

“ We are able to secure the tablets from unauthorized use and it has helped us to control the usage of our product. It works really great! And we are happy with the software! We searched it via Google and would like to continue using Scalefusion in coming years…”

About Scalefusion:

Scalefusion assists you in managing, controlling and communicating with your Android mobile devices in real-time. It can remotely distribute apps and file contents to your Android mobile devices using a cloud-based dashboard.
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