Why Northeast Property Group preferred Scalefusion over others in the market, for a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution

Northeast Property Group

About Company

Northeast Property Group is a good 25 years old Connecticut (USA) based real estate agent organization. It has a long-standing reputation of excellent reliable service in the community. It has a proven track record in the management, maintenance and brokerage of real estates. NPG carries a strong vision of profitable advancement of their clients by providing personalized services. Their client includes leading financial institutions, condominium associations, investor owners, federal, state and local agencies of the US.

The Business Challenge

Goal of Northeast Property group is to consistently serve to the needs of each client and resident with utmost professionalism. They work hard to achieve this goal with best systems and procedures. They have a fleet of real-estate field technicians who provides personalised services to their clients. These field technicians needed data of each clients and access documents as well, to present to clients. To have sound system in place to deliver this task, Northeast Property group embraced mobility and provided mobile devices to their field technicians. Now, the challenge was to ensure that field technician should be able to access their work order management software, work emails with the assurance that devices are used for business productivity only.

The Solution

Northeast Property group, searched online for the mobile device management solution which can help them to overcome their challenges. They even tried various solutions but did not get the desired result. Finally, they chose Scalefusion from Google Playstore and enrolled their Android mobile devices.

Scalefusion helped them with –

1. Distribution of relevant files/folders to the devices
2. Upload and deploy/distribute mobile Apps to devices
3. Push and Deploy App updates
4. Send messages
5. Device location tracking

The best that they found with Scalefusion is its support, responsiveness and interface along with all the requirement which were critical for them to meet. They are so happy with it that it has not only become their preferred solution but they have even recommended it to other businesses.


Business Benefits

Northeast Property group’s main criterion for implementing Scalefusion was not only to overcome their mobility challenges but even to increase their business productivity. Scalefusion helped them achieve higher business productivity by facilitating their real estate field agents to access important client related documents, other necessary business apps which are otherwise not found in app stores, have seamless communication with office staff and knowing whereabouts of each field technicians and helping them accordingly with all the necessary requirements.

Client Speaks:

“Tested other options on the market, but like support, responsiveness and interface of Scalefusion the best. It has helped lockdown field techs tablets while still allowing the home office to push updates, relevant files/directories, messages to the devices and keep general track of the tablets. I also appreciate the ability to push out updated policies and access to apps very simply.”

About Scalefusion:

Scalefusion assists you in managing, controlling and communicating with your Android mobile devices in real-time. It can remotely distribute apps and file contents to your Android mobile devices using a cloud-based dashboard.
Visit the website : www.scalefusion.com

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