Scalefusion helped US Cold Storage in expanding their data collection methods

About Company

United States Cold Storage is a premier provider of refrigerated warehousing and related logistics services throughout North America. With roots dating back to 1891, USCS has long served a diverse customer base with requirements ranging from primary storage to fully integrated third-party logistics.The company offers 194 million cubic feet of temperature-controlled warehouse and distribution space in 34 facilities located in 12 states including California, Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Virginia. USCS is the third largest PRW Logistics provider in North America.

The Business Challenge

United States Cold Storage provides cold-storage warehousing for a complete range of perishable food products, pharmaceuticals and other items. To manage these goods in the warehouse facilities, they have umpteen workers. Every worker is given a tablet to carry out  their work without any human errors. There are many other reasons to use tablets or smartphones in a warehousing facility but United States Cold Storage had a basic requirement, which was to expand their data collection methods in the warehouse. They wanted to monitor the tablets that were provided on-field to the workers in real-time. Also to restrict the employees from accessing unauthorised data on the devices. On the other hand, they needed a solution for tracking the battery life because the 110V electrical outlets that were used at their workstation, were not supporting the tablets while charging. Hence they had to use portable battery chargers. However, they started searching for an online tablet based kiosk solution, that could help them to save time and solve all the complexities and issues they were facing.

The Solution

To overcome these challenges, they had to find a solution that comprises all these difficulties and resolve the problem. Thus, they googled online for Kiosk Applications in Android and came across a solution called Scalefusion- Kiosk Lockdown Solution. Scalefusion locks down Android devices that means the devices are turned into kiosk mode and this restricts the end-user from tampering with the device settings.

The issues that Scalefusion resolved for United States Cold Storage was -

1. Scalefusion helped them to monitor the company-owned devices in real time by tracking all devices from the dashboard. This allows the administrator to only enable business related apps on the device and hence the user cannot fiddle around with the apps and misuse the device. This saves the battery life.

2. Their basic need was to remotely check the battery status of the devices before the batteries get drained off, which was possible after using Scalefusion.

3. They managed to do branding from the dashboard, i.e. they could customise the device home screen by setting company wallpaper, company logo, changing the favicon size and many more.

4. USCS is impressed with the support that Scalefusion team provides them.

Business Benefits

The benefits of implementing Scalefusion in United States Cold Storage are-

1. Registered devices can be monitored in real time using the Mobile Device Management solution i.e by using Scalefusion.
2. It also helped them to enforce device usage policies that made effective use of mobile devices at work.
3. They can remotely control and manage the devices provided to their on-field workers.
4. They are now able to check the battery status of the device from the dashboard.
5. They can customise their devices with their company wallpaper, company logo, change color of the topbar on the device and many more such add on features.

After successfully overcoming their previous problems they believe that Scalefusion  plays a vital role in one of USCS’s project that generates $100,000+ annually.

From The Client “Scalefusion plays a key role in a project that we generate $100,000+ annually in previously uncollected revenue by moving the data collection the place where the actual work is done.  These results are from one facility and will expand when the project moves to other facilities. I searched Google for Kiosk Applications in Android.  As I compared the results, the battery-life measure on your dashboard and branding methodology sold me.” - US Cold Team

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