Scalefusion helped Cerberu in saving costs by providing kiosk mode to run their digital check-in application

Cerberu Case study

About Company

Cerberu based in Spain, Europe has developed and commercialized Telemanagement services focussed on hostels, rural houses, small hotels and tourist apartments. They provide the centralized control of these establishments and fully manage their equipment, assistance to their customers, employees, and suppliers.

Cerberu works hand in hand with its clients, saving significant costs, guaranteeing revenues, increasing and making the quality of service more flexible. It has a highly specialized technical team in the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of the most up-to-date devices with which it carries out the teleoperation, telecommunication with the establishment, remote control of the use of the services provided to the client, optimization in the management of human resources - from the unattended late check-in service to the cleaning service, through surveillance, telecontrol, laundry, amenities, optimization of rates, occupation and online reputation.

The Business Challenge

Cerberu guarantees a complete digital check-in to the hotel customers, which is completely safe, fast, and efficient. Through access control, hotel customers can immediately access the establishment and the assigned room using a unique temporary virtual key. In any case, and in the event of any incident, Cerberu teleoperation team can open it remotely. As, at all times, Cerberu can keep the operation under surveillance from their control center from where their staff is prepared and ready to assist their clients at all times. In case there is a problem that they can not solve remotely, their staff will move immediately to their establishment to solve it with their client in the best possible way.

Now the challenge for the Cerberu was that their auto check-in application should run in the kiosk or the single app mode so that customers or the employees cannot access any other functionality or the apps and the websites on the hotel-owned mobile devices. Hence,

1. The devices needed to be locked for all other purposes except Cerberu’s application.
2. The security features also needed to be enforced to secure the device and the key in case of theft or loss.
3. The mobile data usage had to be restricted.


The Solution

The challenges which Cerberu faced could be solved by the right Mobile Device Management Solution. Scalefusion Mobile Device Management provided them the solution to meet all the issues they faced in running their application for digital check-in on mobile devices. They could remotely monitor and control their devices and could leverage the following features -

1. Kiosk Mode or the Single App Mode
2. Whitelisting websites and restricting apps
3. Custom Branding
4. Location Tracking
5. Restriction on mobile data usage
6. Remote access

Business Benefits

Since Cerberu deployed Scalefusion as Mobile Device Management Solution, they need not develop a in-house solution to overcome their challenges, as a result, they could save the development cost. In addition, they could increase the efficiency of the device usage as well as save on data costs.

From The Client

" Scalefusion gave us the functionalities which we needed in order to isolate our kiosk app. It has helped us in saving costs (avoiding to develop the solution by ourselves). ”

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