Scalefusion enabled Pontiradio PR to create a custom environment on smartphones

MobiLock enabled Pontiradio PR to create a custom environment on smartphones

About Company

Pontiradio PR is a leading Italian company providing services for the design, construction, and management of networks for professional mobile radio communications since 50 years, pan Italy.

Pontiradio PR has built a success story that starts from maintenance activities for professional mobile radio communications networks and comes to the offer of complete service solutions for the creation and management of complex PMR networks for leading Italian customers. It has created its own vast and advanced network infrastructure for Mission Critical communications (towers - access network - transmission network - NOC - cloud server) to offer all professional PMR communications users a pure service solution that does not require the user to build and manage dedicated infrastructures, thus avoiding the relative investments for the construction and the need to have in-house technical skills for management and maintenance.

The Business Challenge

Pontiradio provides a range of solutions based on an integrated communication system for Worker Safety especially for the workers which are working in isolated situations or on remote site locations. By this system, chief operators can interact remotely with the worker through the Pontiradio’s app - “Push-To-Talk” and activate one of the three defined levels of protection and in response, a chief operator can help with necessary actions.

For this purpose, clients of Pontiradio expected smartphones from them which allows accessing Pontiradio app and other few selected apps only. This was because these smartphones were provided to workers and chief operators and did not wish to compromise their productivity by providing full access to any apps which distracts them from their work. And, again, the workers and/or the chief operators often accidentally changed the device settings which caused the Push-To-Talk app to stop functioning properly.

The Solution

Based on the requirements of their clients, Pontiradio realized that along with their app on the smartphones, they also needed to deploy a Mobile Device Management(MDM) solution which can enable them to create a custom environment to run few selected apps only. They found Scalefusion as the most suitable solution for their requirements as it can enable kiosk/multi-app mode, as the devices could get locked which avoided a lot of misuses, for example:

1. Unnecessary web browsing
2. Frequent social media access
3. Downloading videos and music files
4. Installation of unauthorized apps which resulted in malware and other nuisances which were harming the devices.

Business Benefits

With the help of Scalefusion MDM solution, Pontiradio could create a custom environment for all the smartphones which were provided to their clients. Because of which, only PR and few other selected app could run. This resulted in client satisfaction, which was the biggest business benefit for them!

From The Client

"We chose Scalefusion because it enabled us to restrict the smartphone usage to some selected apps as per our customer’s will.That was the most winning part, as it helped us in meeting our clients' requirement!”

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