MC Group Increased Customer Convenience with the Help of Scalefusion

MC Group

About Company

MC Group Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries aim to become one of the leading organizations in apparel and lifestyle business in Asia. It is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Started its business in 1975 from manufacturing ready-to-wear jeans, by order, mainly for foreign distributors. Thereafter, the company began to manufacture ready-to-wear jeans under its own brand “Mc”. Since then, the company has expanded its product range and introduced new brands to respond to demands from various groups of customers. It is committed to offer and manage varieties of products to serve customers with different lifestyles and to ensure highest stakeholders’ and customers’ satisfaction through their quality products with reasonable prices, extensive sales network and quality services.

MC group formulated its business plan to drive the organization to meet its financial targets in the future by achieving a revenue growth of 12-15% per annum. It has even launched a new online distribution channel,, offering mostly apparels and lifestyle products.

The Business Challenge

Through their online channel, MC group looked forward to raising brand awareness as well as provide customers with higher convenience leading to higher sales. In-line with this strategy, the company decided to deploy Android tablets at all their shops to order items for their customers, from their online store which are not available in their brick-n-mortar store.

However, after the deployment of the tablets, their challenge was to ensure that sales staff does not get distracted by accessing social media, watching videos, listening to music or downloading gaming apps. Because unnecessary surfing leads to more data usage and dip in productivity as well as security problems with users downloading malware-laden third-party apps. In addition, they also wanted to prevent any operational mistakes which can happen by their staff.

The Solution

MC group’s purpose of deploying the Android tablets in the store was primarily to provide the customers with their required products, either from their physical store or from online. And, to meet this purpose, they cannot afford any misuse or mishandling of the tablets by their staff. Hence, they searched online for a software solution which can help them overcome their challenge by restricting the online access.


They tried various solutions and after evaluating them, they realized they needed a Cloud-based mobile device management solution which will restrict the access to authorized websites and apps only. Among various solutions, they found Scalefusion as an apt one for their requirements, with competitive features and price.

Business Benefits

Deploying Scalefusion fetched the number of benefits to MC group. Most importantly, they could manage all their deployed tablets in real-time, over the Cloud, from a central dashboard. Other benefits include,

1. Kiosk Lockdown of the tablets
2. Whitelisting of website and apps
3. Personalised Branding on the tablets
4. Real-Time Alerts
5. A Central User-Friendly Scalefusion Dashboard

With help of these features, they witnessed an increase in the productivity of the sales staff by minimizing problems from accessing unauthorized websites and apps. Hence, MC group was able to successfully implement its strategy and achieve customer convenience and as a result higher sale.

From The Client

“Price and features of Scalefusion are competitive with other solutions, It has immensely helped us to increase the productivity of the sales staff by minimizing distractions and operational mistakes. We got fast and efficient support whenever we faced any problems and most importantly the software is consistently enhanced and expanded.”

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