Kiosk Lockdown solution that helped Immerge to increase productivity by 30%

About Company

IMMERGE is one of the leading outsourced sales and marketing company, providing customized sales and marketing solutions to Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders in the Energy, Telecom, Wireless and Solar industries to efficiently increase the client's revenue and market share through industry's leading systems and processes.

Immerge soon recognized that their success and growth depends on the talent of the sales reps on the field. They leverage the mobile technology to ensure the success and professionalism of sales reps, and this combination makes them one of the leading outsourced sales and marketing company.

The Business Challenge

Using mobile device at work brings a lot of advantages. It makes the processes more flexible and decreases the human errors at work. However, it comes with challenges which need to be solved to use mobile devices in the best possible way.

The biggest challenge faced by Immerge was to manage the fleet of the mobile device given to sales reps to make the processes quick and stay connected. Immerge had no way of controlling the devices when they are on the field and this gave the employees a chance to use the mobile device for entertainment and personal purposes, which increased the data costs and reduced productivity.

Immerge wanted a solution that will give them remote access to the devices when the devices are on the field. The remote access would allow the Immerge team to restrict users to access any non-business related apps on the devices. They could enable or disable any app on the device remotely which gave them control over the device irrespective of device's location.

Immerge was also in a blind spot on the whereabouts of the sales reps. They could not figure out the location of the mobile devices on the field. This increased the number of stolen/lost devices. They wanted a solution that could provide them with real-time location tracking which will help them to track their devices in real time and reduce the incidents of devices being stolen or lost.

The Solution

With Scalefusion, Immerge could now track the location of the registered devices in real time using the mobile device management dashboard. This feature helped them to figure out the whereabouts of their mobile devices on the field, which resulted in the cut down on the number of lost/stolen devices. With Scalefusion, they can now remotely control the devices on the field and restrict access to apps on the device. This helped Immerge to remotely enable/disable any app on the device while the device is on the field with the help of device management dashboard.

Scalefusion’s custom Kiosk Browser helped Immerge to hide the address bar of the browser and restrict users to stay on a specific URL. Using the custom kiosk Browser, Immerge could create browser shortcuts and restrict internet activity of the employees by hiding the address bar. This helped Immerge in preventing the use of the internet for personal or entertainment purposes.

Scalefusion’s device groups feature also came in handy for Immerge as they could create device groups as per sales teams. Also, they could easily identify the number of devices a team is using and assign different device profiles to different groups as per the team’s need.

Business Benefits

Scalefusion - Kiosk Lockdown Solution helped Immerge to enforce device usage policies that helped in making the effective use of mobile devices at work. Immerge got the remote access they wanted to control the devices when the devices are on the field. They can now remotely enable or disable an app on the device(s) and make sure the employees are using the devices only for business purposes.

Scalefusion’s location tracking feature decreased the number of stolen/lost device cases faced by Immerge. Using the device management dashboard, Immerge could locate the device in real time, which helped them to locate the misplaced or lost devices instantly.

Scalefusion’s custom Kiosk Browser helped Immerge to bring down the data cost by $ 2000 a month and reduced the data bills by 25%. The simple and hassle free onboarding and adding a new device process helped Immerge to cut down the set-up time and phone troubleshooting when the devices are on the field. This increased the productivity by 30%.

From The Client

"Now, I can push/pull apps in a matter of seconds and I always know where our devices are located. It has been a tremendous help in tracking our devices and is much better than our previous MDM solution – Meraki." - Immerge Team

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