ItjustworX Ensures Single App Mode on Mobile Devices at Customer Site

About Company

ItjustworX(Pty) Ltd is an exceptional software solutions and services company based in South Africa. It is a young company, but its staff comprises of talented professionals with decades of experience. It was established in 2015 with a vision to align the IT priorities with their client’s business. ItjustworX meets customer’s requirements whether they need a customized solution, or support to enhance their business processes with technology.

The Business Challenge

ItjustworX is an IT company, which develops software that is deployed on mobile devices at the customer site. It was very important for them to have only their software running on these devices and nothing else. As it may be misused by the user for personal purposes or for downloading other apps which may consume battery as well as mobile data. So, it was very critical for them to lock the devices for all the other purpose except their app. Since they were concerned about the usage of their devices, it was necessary to track the user devices to ensure the same. Again, ItjustworX requirements were concentrated mainly in the security and residential estate sectors. Hence, the applications they developed were deployed and maintained in various areas and cities. And, deploying new software, updates and training presented many logistic challenges.

The Solution

To meet their challenges, ItjustworX searched for a kiosk lockdown software solution which can lock mobile devices in single app mode and seamlessly manage them remotely at customer sites. They found Scalefusion as the best solution for their requirements as it provided the all the features which they needed, which included –


1. Kiosk lockdown
2. Location Tracking and Virtual Fencing (Geofence) of the mobile devices
3. Mobile Application Management – pushing software updates remotely
4. Security Settings
5. Restricting hardware keys
6. Easy to Use Dashboard
7. Location and data usage reports

Business Benefits

With Scalefusion, ItjustworX could remotely lock, track and control all the mobile devices on which they had deployed their software. Since, Scalefusion is a simple and easy to use solution, the learning curve was short and they could also use certain features of location tracking and geofence to enhance their software. It also eased the whole process of pushing software updates on the mobile devices at customer site remotely, hence, saving the downtime.

From The Client

"Scalefusion provided us with a seamless method to manage devices deployed at my customer sites. Once our software platforms are ready, we intend making Scalefusion the standard for all devices needed by customers and definitely continue with Scalefusion year on year.”

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