How Unified Alerts increased staff productivity by deploying Scalefusion?

Unified Alerts

About Company

Unified Alerts has been providing communication, security and senior care technology solutions since 2004, based in North Carolina, USA. Mainly, they sell, install and support nurse call systems in healthcare, with a specific focus on senior care. They have significant experience in all the variety of technology required, including wander management, telehealth, smart homes, telecom, IT, security cameras and door access control.

Since 2004, they have worked diligently to reach beyond the simple “box solutions” and strived to match the operational goals of the organization with the implemented technology.

Unified Alerts is also a member of the National Fire Protection Association, Local Chamber of Commerce’s, Pennsylvania Coalition for Culture Change, North Carolina Coalition for Culture Change, Leading Age, and more.

The Business Challenge

In nurse call system, Android smartphones are utilized for sending call system alerts (patient requests) to the aides. For this purpose, aides have been provided with smartphones. However, they were facing issues such as -

1. Use of the devices as music and video players
2. Downloading gaming apps
3. Frequently changing wifi settings
4. Clicking personal photos
5. Accessing social media

Unified Alerts wanted to stop such activities on the nurse call smartphones as -

1. It hampered and delayed their services to the needy senior citizens
2. Increased data usage and cost
3. Malware attacks on the devices due to irrelevant app installation
4. Lowered aides’ productivity
5. Affected Service quality

The Solution

It was critical for them to meet their challenges with the most relevant solution for their requirements. They believed that without planning, monitoring, maintenance, and support of the technology, the consequences can be significant. They searched online for the solution which can lockdown the smartphones and allows only specific apps and functions to the users.


After testing various alternatives, they chose Scalefusion- Mobile Device Management Solution, as they found it simple, easy and efficient for their use-case. MLP solved their issues by locking all their aides’ smartphones into ‘kiosk mode’ and applied necessary security features and usage restrictions. This avoided misuse and helped Unified Alerts in reducing the data usage and its cost. The best feature that they experienced was the remote support of all the devices. It reduced the wastage of time and efforts to fix multiple phone issues on a continuous basis.

Business Benefits

The most important business benefit which Unified Alerts achieved is an increase in productivity. The misuse of the devices was stopped, data usage and its cost were within limits and remote support in real-time was enabled. They could control the activities of their staff on nurse call devices and quality of their services improved significantly.

Unified Alerts is very happy with the services Scalefusion has provided them so far and will continue to increase deployments.


From The Client

“We work in healthcare and provide phones in a very challenging environment. The software is excellent at controlling what the staff can and cannot do. Outstanding customer support”

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