How Ordensklinikum Linz secured usage of Android camera for taking wound images?


About Company

The Ordensklinikum Linz GmbH is one of the leading hospitals in Upper Austria with around 1,200 beds. It is the third largest hospital, after Kepler University Hospital and the Klinikum Wels-Grieskirchen. They offer high-quality hospital facilities and have defined top medical practices in Upper Austria, and in specific specialist areas throughout Austria. Ordensklinikum follows Christian values and cater to 215,000 outpatients each year and registers 76,000 inpatients and perform more than 22,000 surgeries. They have highly qualified doctors, competent nurses and state-of-the-art infrastructure which makes it a center of medical excellence. Their mission is to achieve the high level of expertise with ongoing training of their employees as well as with the modern medical equipment guarantee which the patients can entrust them for receiving the highest level of treatment.

The Business Challenge

The treatment of acute and chronic wounds continues to be a challenge in the medical field. A comprehensive patient’s admission assessment and documentation of the wound evaluation is an essential component of wound care. It is a legal, moral, economic and professional responsibility of the hospital. The photos of patient wounds are also a useful adjunct to the written record. Digital images of wounds provide an excellent tool for inter-disciplinary communication, particularly among the wound care team. They help monitor healing and may also be used for research purpose. If a lawsuit alleging substandard wound care is filed, photographic wound documentation can assist in protecting the healthcare facility and agency. Thus, wound documentation and photography can provide evidence that the wound was routinely assessed and staged and that it either consistently showed signs of healing or that treatment were changed to address a nonhealing wound.

Keeping these aspects in mind, Ordensklinikum Linz, provided the Android devices to the patient admission staff to take photographs of the wounds. Their requirement was that these devices be locked so that the camera settings cannot be changed, and the devices are used only for taking wound photographs.

The Solution

They searched online for a solution by which the users cannot change any of the camera settings of Android devices. They took a trial of Scalefusion and found it as a right answer for their requirement. Scalefusion is an Enterprise Mobility Management Solution by which Ordensklinikum hospital could remotely monitor, control and change the necessary camera as well as other hardware keys’ settings of the registered devices. They also can now get the real-time battery status as well as of the devices


Business Benefits

Deploying Android devices with Scalefusion helped them to lock the settings of the Android devices which were used for taking wound photographs. This, in turn, resulted in better wound documentation for Ordensklinikum hospital which was their prime requirement. And, when they evaluated the cost or the productivity aspects, they found out that by restricting the usage of the Android devices by the user, increased their productivity.


From The Client

"We were looking for a solution to secure Android Digital camera so that user cannot change anything and we found the apt solution - Scalefusion. We would definitely continue with it in coming years as it has provided us many additional features as well, which has helped us in increasing the productivity."

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