How Scalefusion can Extend Help to Charity Organizations like Listening Books

Listening Books

About Company

Listening Books is an UK based charity providing high-quality audiobooks to those who find it difficult or impossible to read because of an illness, disability, learning or mental health difficulty. Their app facilitates many, they currently support over 50,000 members across the UK, including individuals, schools, care homes or hospices, hospitals and other organizations who cater for the print impaired.

Listening Books offers over 7,000 audiobooks available to download, stream and borrow on MP3 CD from bestselling authors They are even a vital resource for students with print impairments as they support the UK’s National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 to A-Level.

The Business Challenge

Listening books offer online audiobook service to hospices and hospitals on tablets to help their patients. However, the challenge for them was to ensure that the tablets which were provided to the individuals and organizations were used for listening to audiobooks only and not used for any other unnecessary access on the internet, downloading apps and using it for personal purpose. Hence, they wanted a solution which can track each tablet and ensure its usage for their app.

The Solution

Listening books analyzed the requirements to meet their challenges and carried out online as well as offline research. In that, they found Scalefusion as the apt and user-friendly solution, as it can lockdown all the tablets into kiosk mode. By kiosk mode, tablets can no longer be accessed for personal usage, irrelevant web-surfing and downloading entertainment and social media apps. With the help of GPS enabled location tracking, devices’ precise location also can be known. Hence, rest assured Listening books can now know that each tablet provided to the hospices or the hospitals by them are used for accessing their app only.


Scalefusion is a Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solution which helps organizations remotely control and manage all the corporate-owned devices over the air, from a single web dashboard. And, most striking features which Listening Books found are -


-Easy to use dashboard
-Smooth setup or enrolment of the devices
-Helps to manage groups of devices

Business Benefits

Listening Books is a charity organization for the people who cannot read due to any disability or illness. Hence, for them, the benefit is not in terms of money but in terms of whether the needy people are getting access to their app or not. Thus, with the help of Scalefusion, they are able to track the tablets provided to the hospitals and are able to ensure whether they are used for the intended purpose or not.

From The Client

"We are an UK based charity organization providing aid in the form of audiobooks to hospital and hospices patients and individuals. Scalefusion has facilitated to do this in a very simple and secure way. We can say that it would have been difficult to offer this service without Scalefusion. In addition to that, so far, we have found it as the most user-friendly solution.”

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