How iRelief Services reduced operational cost with Scalefusion?

IRelief Healthcare

About Company

iRelief Services Private Limited is an aggregator for healthcare services, based in Bangalore and having the presence across all the districts in Karnataka, India. It is a unique platform to provide services in healthcare domain such as emergency ambulance, blood bank, homecare, and pharmacy. This initiative has been taken by iRelief with an ambition to save the maximum lives possible with the humble objective of providing timely, economical and best quality services pertaining to emergency and planned healthcare facilities.

Their vision is to integrate with the best service providers and facilitate the healthcare services, reach people globally through innovative technology and leadership within the cost and time affordability. They have a mission to ensure dedication and responsibility by adhering to corporate values and become a single point of contact in providing accurate information of all services by continuously improving to provide user-friendly experience.

The Business Challenge

iRelief have hundreds of service partners across the state to whom they provide their vendor application on mobile devices. These devices need to be tracked for the latest updates of the iRelief app on it, making sure that there is an optimum level of charging all the time and the status of the device is online. These were few of the key requirements and challenges that they were facing.

The Solution

iRelief wanted to solve their challenges within a particular time frame. They found Scalefusion as the best Mobile Device Management solution to track all the devices from a central web-based console. It helped their IT admin to manage and control the devices remotely 24X7, get the most updated device health status and whether they are online or offline. With add-ons like Enterprise Store, they could upload all the business (or here, service) apps on a common platform and then further push on the respective devices. Mobile Content Management facilitated to have a central repository for all the content and documents to be distributed to different devices. For solving any issues with the app or the device, RemoteCast helped them to do the necessary troubleshooting.

Business Benefits

Scalefusion helped iRelief reduce the operation cost by eliminating the manual process of monitoring all the devices and hence increased the operational efficiency. It helps them in achieving their mission to reach people through innovative technology within the cost and time affordability with a user-friendly experience.

From The Client"Thanks to Scalefusion software which helped us meet our challenges and now our call centre manages the devices remotely 24X7 and it has really helped us perform our operations effectively. In addition, the remote publishing of software and taking control of the device was very handy for our operations team."

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