How ECS Secured Company-Owned Android Mobile Devices And Increased Productivity?

About Company

ECS (Energy & Combustion Services Pvt Ltd) is based in Durban, South Africa. They are Energy Management, Measurement, and Verification specialists. They help their customers to transform and continuously enhance and optimize their operational processes.

Since their beginning in 1996, ECS has developed a good reputation for innovation. They use cutting-edge technology such as performance visualization tools which provide verifiable and understandable results to our customers ranging from large industrial and mining companies to commercial sites.

The Business Challenge

ECS believes in operational excellence driven by data and information to effectively run organizations and demonstrate value. To work by this value, they provided Android mobile devices to their employees, and increase the efficiency by training them to use mobile technology for work. But, as the employees started using these devices, they observed that employees are not using the devices only for work, but as well as for the personal purpose. Which kind of clashed with their whole idea behind the provision of mobile devices to their staff. As a result of, they felt the need of locking down the mobile devices and allow only specific applications to be used.

The Solution

After requirements analysis, ECS concluded what precisely they required to manage their company-owned devices and its usage by the employees –

1. Security
2. Protecting the integrity of  applications
3. Productivity – Require the mobiles to be used only for selected applications and not for other functions like internet browsing

They found Scalefusion – An Mobile Device Management Solution, as the most suitable solution for their requirements. It facilitates the organization to remotely monitor and control the Android devices owned by the organizations.

With Scalefusion they could easily secure all the Android devices provided to the employees, restrict their usage to the specific application by locking devices in kiosk mode. Other features which were useful to them were –

* Branding
* Create different profiles
* Grouping of devices

Business Benefits

The biggest benefit which they achieved with Scalefusion was, increase the productivity of the employees. As the devices were restricted for the work purpose only, the unnecessary usage was discouraged, hence saved time as well as kept employees focussed, ultimately increased efficiency. This resulted in a reduction in mobile data usage, subsequently achieved cost saving. The second biggest benefit was, that the devices were now secured, Admin could know the device health and data usage status and various other stats right from the Scalefusion dashboard. The security settings could also be tightened by the Admin and hence ensure the safety of the devices as well as data and content on it.

From The Client

"Scalefusion is an apt solution for our requirements and is easy to use as well. It helped us with securing our Android devices, our business data as well as content. More importantly, it increased the productivity of our employees by restricting the device usage to selected applications only. ”

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