How did Scalefusion Secure Corporate Owned Tablets of Synergy Solutions?

Synergy Solutions

About Company

Synergy Solutions is an US-based premier provider of outsourced customer interaction solutions for some of the leading corporations. They provide scalable, high quality and cost-effective solutions in English & Spanish and its centers are located across the US. The key goal for Synergy Solutions is to get their customers in sync with those who matter the most. They are passionate about the service experience because they believe happy customers are loyal customers and nothing matters more. They provide their services across industries like Retail/E-Commerce, Healthcare, Non-Profit, Financial Services & Business to Business (B2B).

The Business Challenge

To leverage the advantages of mobile technology for keeping their services top notch, Synergy Solutions provided tablets to their agents. Since main advantage of the tablets is its portability, Synergy Solutions’ Agents could work in a flexible way in different shifts and sometimes even from home. These tablets were deployed with call center software and tech support apps to manage the calls, but Synergy solutions got concerned about the usage and security of these tablets since there were no constraints in using them. The download of malicious personal apps or access to any irrelevant websites could pose a security threat to tablets and all the data on it.

The Solution

Synergy Solutions was keen to bring the solution to its challenge of security for their corporate-owned tablets. As it affected the productivity of the agents in addition to the threat of damage to the devices. They did their research and concluded that Scalefusion would be the best solution to their problem. And, it also provided an array of features by which they can better manage and monitor the tablets.



Scalefusion is an MDM (Mobile Device Management) Solution which

1. Locks down the tablets in kiosk mode
2. Whitelists websites and disables apps
3. Tracks location of the device and sets a virtual boundary
4. Ensures authorized access only
5. Enterprise Apps Store
6. Mobile Content Management
7. Remote control and support 8. Hardware key disabling

Business Benefits

The biggest benefit which the Synergy Solution could get was to secure all the tablets given to their call center agents. In addition to that, the productivity of the agents increased tremendously as tablets gave them the flexibility of work and Scalefusion help restrict the use of the devices strictly for the work purpose only. Overall, the confidence level of the organization to embrace mobility and give tablets to their employees, increased way beyond.

From The Client

"Scalefusion has allowed us to only make those apps available, which they need for work, to eliminate web surfing and other security breaches. Thus, Scalefusion facilitated us in keeping our agents out of irrelevant apps they do not need to use and providing a better solution to tablet security.”

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