How BusMinder could save data usage and cost with the help of Scalefusion?


About Company

BusMinder is an Australian company that has identified the need for schools to be able to more efficiently administer travel to and from school, or on school excursions, for children and innovated an app which facilitates a safer, more secure way for students to travel.

BusMinder app is a multi-functional monitoring system, using the latest in GPS and electronic smart card technology, it gives teachers and parents full control at the touch of a button.

With the app, they are able to provide accountability, security, and safety for student bus travel needs. It benefits school’s administration in terms of staff time and gives reports that provide proof of travel, making your charges transparent and defined to your parents.

The Business Challenge

To cater to the needs of school to efficiently administer children’s travel to and from school or the excursion, BusMinder supplied the entire system which included Android device with SIM cards and their app on it integrated to an electronic reader, to the schools to install in the buses.

The mobile devices had various apps preinstalled, and these apps consumed considerable data which led to higher data usage and cost. Again, they felt the need for an interface solution which can update the student’s data/info on their app as soon as the child swaps its BusMinder card on to an electronic reader. And further, it will then distribute the information to the teacher’s and parent's phone – indicating the child's current location.

BusMinder had this challenge to find a software solution which can facilitate them to have only one app - BusMinder app running on all the devices deployed in the school buses and in addition should work as an interface between the electronic reader and the app.

The Solution

BusMinder with little online research found Scalefusion– An Enterprise Mobility Management Solution took a demo and concluded as the most apt solution for their requirement. Mainly, it provided them with two main features

1. Single App Mode
2. Enterprise Store

With single app mode, they could lock all their device and disable accessing any other apps except BusMinder app. This is what they required. In addition to this,

* They could personalize the visual front of the devices with their own company image, logo etc.
* Control the home key
* Hide the status bar on the devices
* Control power button
* Create device groups and profiles to better manage the bulk of mobile devices
* Enterprise Store helped with version management of their app

Business Benefits

The key benefit for BusMinder was that they could keep the data cost under control by deploying all their devices in single app mode. Again, they found Scalefusion extremely easy to operate and they are happy that it saved them from the pain and cost of in-house development. So, when they were faced with a make-or-buy decision, this was one of the prime reason they decided to go for Scalefusion. BusMinder is very happy with the solution and is sure to continue in coming years and have recommended to other businesses.

From The Client

"We supply the entire system including the SIM card, so locking down the all the other apps except BusMinder on the device was very important. Scalefusion did that perfectly with the added bonus of version management. And support from Scalefusion Sales & Support team has been great!”

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