How Hollard reduced data usage cost with the help of Scalefusion?


About Company

The Hollard Insurance Group is South Africa's largest privately-owned insurance group, headquartered in Parktown, Johannesburg and includes - The Hollard Insurance Company and Hollard Life Assurance Company. It provides short-term life insurance as well as investment products to a diverse customer base, including individual consumers, commercial entities, and corporate clients. Just recently it has cemented its place as South Africa’s second-largest short-term insurer, with the completion of its R1.8 billion acquisition of the Regent Insurance Group from Imperial Holdings. They believe in exceptional, sustainable and inclusive growth, and act as a catalyst for positive and enduring change, to be the favourite insurer in each country they operate.

The work culture at Hollard, which they have termed as The Hollard Way asks them to balance the need to deliver and get things done, keeping in mind, a need to dream, to pioneer and experiment.

The Business Challenge

With a huge team of agents spread across countries, locating them itself was a mammoth task, hence, mobility was business-critical for Hollard. As part of this process, Hollard decided to provide tablets with a SIM card so that field agents can perform their tasks of processing customer orders, submitting new leads online, making presentations, giving catalogues and constantly staying connected with the head office for calls and job notices. During the initial phase of mobility implementation, the organization was happy with the business going paperless, as it was previously difficult to send the necessary documentation across the field on time, however there were other challenges with the usage and support of the tablets.


The primary list of challenges they faced after their initial deployment are:

1. The agents often accidentally changed the device settings which caused critical business apps to stop functioning properly.

2. As the devices were unlocked, a lot of misuses was happening, for example:
- Unnecessary web browsing.
- Frequent social media access.
- Downloading videos and music files.
- Installation of unauthorized apps resulted in malware and other nuisances which were harming the devices and compromising the critical business data.
3. All of these caused the data usage to skyrocket, and mobile bills ran into huge amounts.


Once they became aware of these problems, Hollard wanted an effective mobility solution to track location, monitor activity, and manage the devices remotely for higher efficiency and productivity of the agents.

The Solution

In order to meet their critical mobility goals, Hollard searched for 'kiosk solutions' online, they came across many names, but what they needed, is a cost-effective and efficient solution that meets their business use-case.

After considering the alternatives, they chose Scalefusion - Mobile Device Management Solution. With the help of Scalefusion, they restricted their devices into 'Kiosk Mode' to avoid any misuse, this resulted in immediate reduction in data usage and the issues with re-configuration. As Scalefusion allows to manage the devices remotely, hence further updates and managing changes in configuration became very easy, last but not the least they were able to deploy their own business-critical apps over-the-air through Scalefusion to all their remote agents across the country seamlessly, this was a massive benefit to their IT team. Hollard is very happy with the services Scalefusion has provided them so far and are renewing the subscription year on year.


Business Benefits

The main benefit for Hollard has been on the cost front. Scalefusion helped in keeping the data usage in check by restricting the use of the tablets only for business purpose. In addition to that, the agents are now able to seamlessly communicate with the head office, clients, and close the deals online with zero paperwork. This helped them streamline their business process and improved efficiency.

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