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About Company

South Wilts Grammar School for Girls is a secondary school in Salisbury, south Wiltshire, England. South Wilts provides high-quality education and is one of the top schools in England. Academic achievement at South Wilts is excellent with outstanding examination results across all key stages. It is an Academy with specialist Mathematics and Computing College status. The school has over 1000 students, including over 376 students in the sixth form.

The Business Challenge

A Recent trend in education includes the use of mobile devices in the institutions to enhance the learning experience and increase student engagement. South Wilts Grammar School also adopted this trend and the students of the institute were equipped with Novatech nTab (NOV-NTAB29) tablet devices having android OS enabling them to have flexible access to learning resources. Shortly after the deployment of these tablets South Wilts Grammar School’s IT team realized the need for a Kiosk Lockdown solution for the devices in their school.

While there were many benefits of using the tablet devices, the South Wilts Grammar School’s IT team did not have the ability to remotely manage the devices given to the students. Apart from this, the IT team were also not able to restrict the students from using the non-educational apps on the device and the unsecured internet activity of the students through Wi-Fi network. These were the problems which made them look for the Kiosk Lockdown solution that would ensure the effective use of tablets in the school.

The Solution

South Wilts Grammar School wanted an easy to use, simple to understand and cost effective Kiosk Lockdown solution that will help them to overcome the challenges faced by them. With these requirements in mind and careful analysis of industry’s leading vendors, they chose Scalefusion to manage, secure and ensure effective and responsible use of devices in their school. Using Scalefusion, the IT team of South Wilts Grammar School now can manage all the devices by locking the devices in the kiosk mode which replaces the regular home screen of the android device with their customized one, allowing them to manage the device from the mobile device management dashboard. They can now view the device information in real time on the dashboard allowing them to keep only educational apps on the devices and block access to all the non-educational apps. With the help of an inbuilt custom Kiosk Browser, the school’s IT team can now control the student’s internet activity by whitelisting websites and the student can only browse through the whitelisted websites on their device. This assured the school’s team that the students have access to only secure data through the internet. In the case of theft or loss of devices, the IT team of South Wilts Grammar School can remotely locate and track the device in real time. They can also remotely wipe the data on the device.

Business Benefits

The implementation of Scalefusion kiosk lockdown solution in the institution, the South Wilts Grammar School is now successful in overcoming the problems faced by them initially. Scalefusion has ensured effective and responsible use of the devices by the students and helping the school’s IT team to manage the devices remotely from a web portal via a cloud. The IT team is now able to monitor the devices and hence ensuring the security of the devices.

From The Client

“The problem Scalefusion solves is how we could prevent the many untrusted students who use the tablets from changing settings, installing unverified software or possibly doing damage to the tablets. It has proven very effective in this regard!". - South Wilts Grammar School’s IT Team

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