Fujirebio Manages Corporate-Owned Android devices with Scalefusion

Fujirebio Manages Corporate-Owned Android devices with MobiLock Pro

About Company

Fujirebio Europe - Sweden, historically based in Japan, is inherited with the deeply rooted culture of excellence and is a global leader in the field of high quality in vitro diagnostics (IVD) testing. From over last 50 years, they have gained leadership and excellence in the discovery, development, manufacturing and worldwide commercialization of robust IVD products. Fujirebio's product lines span from specialized manual testing to fully automated routine clinical laboratory testing solutions and include both novel and routine biomarkers. Their global presence includes offices in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia as well as a vast international distribution network.

The Business Challenge

Fujirebio recently switched all the traditional corporate mobile phones, to smartphones. These smartphones are provided to their employees for work purpose. Smartphones comes with certain risks especially in the corporate environment. They wanted to leverage the mobile technology for increasing the productivity of the employees, but they were equally concerned about the misuse of the devices for personal entertainment. As the devices were unlocked, there were chances misuse happening, like:

1. Unnecessary web browsing
2. Frequent social media access
3. Downloading videos and music files
4. Installation of unauthorized apps resulted in malware and other nuisances which were harming the devices and compromising the critical business data.

Besides productivity, all of these also caused the data usage to skyrocket, and mobile bills ran into huge amounts, leading to increase in operational costs.  

The Solution

Fujirebio did the requirement analysis based on the issues which they had started facing after switching to smartphones. After contemplating on the various solutions, they narrowed down to Scalefusion, a cloud-based Mobile Device Management solution, to remotely manage, control and monitor all their corporate-owned Android devices from a single web-based dashboard.


Scalefusion could help them -

1. Track & Monitor devices in real-time
2. Restrict changes in the device settings
3. Allow or disallow apps or content and even take actions on devices
4. Whitelisting websites
5. Remotely distribute content & apps to the devices.
6. Remotely wiping and locking devices that are carried outside the workplace.
7. Remotely troubleshoot devices in real-time.
8. Enabling/disabling applications.
9. Custom branding on device.
10.Remote configuration and monitoring.

Business Benefits

Scalefusion simplified enterprise mobility management by enabling a smooth transition from traditional mobile phones to Android smartphones. This resulted in to an increase in the productivity of their employees as well as kept their costs in check.

From The Client

"We replaced all office phones with smart phones and we wanted to control what apps can be used on these phones. We found Scalefusion as the most right solution for our requirements and planning to continue for the long time.”

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