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About Company

Family Market is an online retailer in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. It is into the Direct Sale of quality and exclusive frozen food products, providing complete door to door service and expert advice from sales representatives as well. They have more than 200 products on offer and sales’ rep identifies the customer’s needs and, on that basis, it recommends them the most appropriate products and their combinations. Quality, exclusivity, and service are the basic pillars of the Family Market.

The Business Challenge

As soon as the new customers register on the website of Family Market, a sales representative is assigned, who visits them with the sales catalog. For the regular customer, sales representative comes with the product ordered and even provides advice depending on their requirements.

To provide flexibility to the sales representative and improve operations, Family Market provided them with mobile devices. But they started facing challenges regarding monitoring these devices remotely and keep a tab on the user activities. Again, sales reps move around places to places which made difficult for Family Market to keep track of the each sales’ rep’s whereabouts.

The Solution

Family Market believes in giving quality service to their customers. To meet this objective, they were determined to find a right solution to overcome all their above challenges. They searched for an app which can lockdown their mobile devices and restricts their use specifically to work. They chose Scalefusion as it offered them the best value for their money. Their challenges were met with Scalefusion's following features -


* Quick Enrolment
* Lockdown of their company-owned devices
* Real-time tracking
* Centralised management with the Scalefusion Dashboard
* Upload and publish of their business app on the respective devices

Business Benefits

The biggest advantage which Family Market got by deploying Scalefusion is that it made the sales’ process faster, hence saving time. Besides that, they could also save on data cost, and increase the work efficiency. Besides, Scalefusion basic features, they are also looking forward to going for add-ons like Scalefusion Content Management, to upload, publish and update the content across all the mobile devices provided to sales’ reps.


From The Client

"Scalefusion saves my time, a very good overview of all the devices. Once a live map from Scalefusion and functionality called "BUZZ Device" helped us to find a lost tablet of one of our employees. Also, I like fast set up for new devices if someone breaks the device or something. We did not have major problems in 2 years with Scalefusion. Support is very helpful and quickly responds to our queries"

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