EST Kitchen and Bath embraces Scalefusion and saves data costs by $200 per month

About Company

EST Kitchen and Bath is the largest kitchen & bath Showroom in Puerto Rico. They carry renowned kitchen and bath brands like TOTO, Wellborn, Woodmax, Bertazzoni, Decoglass & Resigres. For over 40 years EST Kitchen & Bath has distinguished itself for manufacturing kitchen cabinets and bathrooms fittings combining excellence and the highest quality in manufacturing technology. Specializes in general contractor, kitchen remodeling, and bathroom remodeling work.

The Business Challenge

EST Kitchen and Bath had a goal of creating a custom order entry Android application for their mobile workforce. After working for almost a year, they were ready to launch the Android application for their company and also to provide Android tablets to their employees. However, they were dubious about some obstacles that would impede their way such as extensive increase in costs and security issues while handling these mobile devices. There was no control over unauthorized browsing, specific apps, and device settings.

The Solution

Opening the door to a large number of devices using a proper Android Device Management Solution was the only significant need of EST Kitchen and Bath. Hence, they took a step ahead by involving Scalefusion - a Device Management /kiosk lockdown solution in their business to avoid these mishaps. After installing Scalefusion into the company owned devices, they could easily deploy and control devices at ease. Adding devices to device groups, made the Administrator’s work two times easier and to configure those devices in a group was simple and quick. The Branding feature allowed them to showcase their company brand on multiple devices by Location and Geofencing feature helped in tracking device location. This feature set gives the ability to alert the admin when the device user exits the boundaries set.  Scalefusion provides their customers with a powerful and easy to manage dashboard, it contains add-on features like Enterprise store, where their IT admin team could upload files, folders and APKs on the cloud based dashboard and remotely publish it to multiple mobile devices effortlessly.

Business Benefits

EST paid $100 per month under a shared data plan from a mobile carrier for 6 devices, but after their first Scalefusion deployment, the data costs cut down to approx. $50 per month. And this proves that Scalefusion has driven efficiency by saving data costs. “Taking this estimates into consideration, I believe we could be saving around $200 per month, or $33 per device per month, making ROI practically on the first month.” adds the manager at EST. Scalefusion ensures their customers that the use of mobile devices will be only for business purpose. He further added “Not having Scalefusion would have resulted in much higher data costs and lack of device control.”

From The Client

“Scalefusion improved our productivity immensely because this was the tool we needed in order to deploy our custom apps which are indispensable for our operations. Not having Scalefusion would have resulted in much higher data costs and lack of device control. Without Scalefusion it wouldn’t have been possible to get individual high or unlimited data plans which would run from approx. $50 per device.".
- Team EST Kitchen and Bath

About Scalefusion:

Scalefusion assists you in managing, controlling and communicating with your Android mobile devices in real-time. It can remotely distribute apps and file contents to your Android mobile devices using a cloud-based dashboard.
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