Colegio Recanto could restrict the access of distractive apps with Scalefusion

Collegio Recanto

About Company

Colegio Recanto is an educational institution, from early childhood education to high school in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Their main purpose is to prepare their students for life by facilitating them in their pursuit of success and molding them to be global citizens. Their mission is to provide each student with the right culture of quality & humanistic education, create the right environment for the students to develop in a balanced and harmonious way. Their educators stimulate in the student the formation of a critical conscience and an attitude of constant self-evaluation that facilitates him in the choices of life and contributes to the integral formation of his personality.

The Business Challenge

To achieve their mission, they believed that their educators and other staff should have access to the online educational material for their research and develop good educational content for their students and hence they even provided Android mobile devices. But they were concerned about other distractions like gaming apps & YouTube during work time and even access to Play Store from where any app can be downloaded. So, they required a solution which can impose certain restrictions on access and app downloads on the devices.

The Solution

To solve their challenges, they searched online, and they found Scalefusion, a Mobile Device Management solution. Scalefusion restricted their mobile devices to 'Kiosk Mode' to avoid any distractions. The main features of Scalefusion which Colegio Recanto found helpful are: -

* Password Protected Kiosk Mode
* Authorised & secured usage of the devices
* Cloud-based remote monitoring and management of their devices
* Scalefusion Enterprise Store
* Branding
* Scalable solution
* Easy to use Dashboard

After deployment, Scalefusion has been able to meet their desired expectation level. They prefer to continue leveraging it, as they are highly satisfied with the results and all the support they are getting to meet their challenges.

Business Benefits

The main benefit they have attained with the help of Scalefusion is that they are able to restrict the usage of their mobile devices by their staff to work purpose only and hence reducing the distractions during school time. As a result of which, staff stays focused on their work and educators can concentrate on the educational content which is useful to them in their teaching. Again, If an educator wanted to use mobile devices in the classroom and use some educational app, previously there was a lot of prep time required. Now with Scalefusion, IT Admin can push apps with just a couple clicks in the console, reducing that prep time from a couple of days to minutes.


From The Client

"We wanted our staff to use only the tools they need to get their job done, without access to distractions like games or YouTube or Play Store to install whatever they want. That’s why kiosk mode is good for us.”

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