The Cleaning Authority implements Scalefusion into their growing business

About Company

The Cleaning Authority provides top quality residential house cleaning at the best possible price. Their cleaning professionals have participated in extensive training and are fully bonded and insured. The Cleaning Authority has been providing high quality residential cleaning services for over 30 years and have built a reputation for providing reliable maid services at competitive prices. They are dedicated to customers & providing them exceptional house cleaning services across North America.

The Business Challenge

Since the time The Cleaning Authority have started working as a small business, they had to keep a vigilant eye on small expenses while investing and acquiring devices for their mobile workforce.

With the increase in number of tablets used by the employees,

a. They needed a solution for limiting some device functionalities.
b. To know the exact location of the devices that are used on field.
c. Publishing an updated version of pdf documents to multiple devices and replacing the old ones.

The Solution

To deliver a unified cleaning service across the customers, The Cleaning Authority had to look out for a solution that could serve all their business purposes at once. A fellow franchisee recommended them about Scalefusion - A kiosk lockdown solution which fully met their requirements and served them by implementing new technologies into their growing company like the Mobile Content Management feature. For an instance, in an industry where documentation of products that are employed to their service clients by their team needs to be on hand, this process became unmanageable for the Cleaning Authority team as replacing old documentation and updating it to new pdf formats across 32+ teams in operation was nearly impossible. Hence with Scalefusion’s Mobile Content Management feature, they could easily complete this procedure within 5 minutes by uploading a new pdf with updated documentation and sending the documentation to all of the tablets in a given group. Now, their team utilizes less time on creating product documentation and spends more time on productivity. Location Tracking feature also came handy as now they could track devices on field in a fraction of seconds and acquire greater control over devices provided to their employees.

Business Benefits

The Cleaning Authority as a team has made all the right moves and gained considerable benefits by incorporating Scalefusion into their business from day 1. Likewise, the Mobile Content Management feature has undoubtedly diminished the work pressure of their field force by going paperless. Their IT administrators could remotely locate the registered devices using the Geolocation feature, this also gave them greater control over team accountability. Now, they have complete control over device data by narrowing the device functionalities and allowing the employees to concentrate precisely on their work. Their management team has been paying more attention on value added tasks and creating which wasn’t possible before using Scalefusion.

From The Client

“Scalefusion gave us the necessary control to implement new technology into our growing company. As a small business, you need to be very careful with every investment and acquiring 20+ tablets is no small expense. The Scalefusion platform provides tools that places our minds at ease in terms of keeping track of the tablets and our teams while they’re out service.It has helped us control data by narrowing the functionality our crews have on the tablets, but it is difficult to quantify because we have been using Scalefusion from day 1".
- TCA Team

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