At The Gate could lock down the Android rugged devices with proprietary visitor management solution

At the Gate

About Company

At the Gate, based at Johannesburg, SA, provides a simplified Cloud-based Access Control / Visitor Management solution to its clients. Their turnkey access control solution allows convenient and safe tracking of who is entering and exiting the premises by simply scanning vehicle and drivers license information on the Android device. Information and management are stored in the cloud and controlled via an easy web-based interface. At the Gate, Android app is excellent for security, deliveries, services and time clocking for employees.


The Business Challenge

At The Gate allows easy control at access points for companies, corporate office parks, lifestyle estates, complexes, gated communities – or anywhere that requires positive visitor identification. They supply rugged Android devices to their clients with their App installed on them to scan the licenses. Hence, they needed a solution which can restrict the use of devices for At The Gate and a few other relevant apps only. The users should not be able to access any other apps for their personal use which can jeopardize the company data as well as the devices, and even increase the mobile data usage. Any increase in the mobile data usage is directly proportional to the data costs.



The Solution

To meet their requirements, At The Gate, researched for a solution which can restrict the devices especially the rugged devices to a few apps, securing the devices and minimizing the data usage. At the end of their research, they found that Scalefusion is the right solution for their need. The devices which they provided to their clients, were then locked in Scalefusion – a Mobile Device Management, which facilitated them to remotely manage all the enrolled devices. Other things which Scalefusion helped them with were,

1. Permitted access to selected apps only with the help of whitelisting and blacklisting of apps
2. Permitted access to selected websites only with the help of whitelisting of websites
3. Permitted upload, install and push the business apps on the selected devices from a central repository – Enterprise Apps
4. Set the virtual geographical boundary of the devices and know the location in real-time
5. Broadcast important alerts and messages in real-time
6. Remote wipe in case of security incidents when the devices are lost or stolen
7. Create a central repository of the business content

Business Benefits

The biggest benefit for At The Gate was Scalefusion eased Android Rugged Device Management for them. Secondly, they could also save on data costs after deploying Scalefusion, as it enabled them to restrict the apps to select few only. As a result of which the users’ personal access or the misuse were discouraged, hence it reduced internet access through mobile data.


From The Client

" We are satisfied with Scalefusion and it has helped to save us on data costs. We use Scalefusion to lock down the devices and only allow access to select few apps. ”

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