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EVA Enterprise Messenger

How EVA Enterprise Messenger Can Improve Team Communication?

With the growing need for on-the-go, real-time communication in the business world, a convincing alternative to the traditional…
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Restrict Social Media Access on Mobile Devices

Why & How to Block Social Media Access in the Workplace

In today’s digital business world, social media has brought huge benefits to the corporates as a branding and…
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enterprise mobility risks

Top 5 risks of Enterprise Mobility

The limitless proliferation of mobile endpoints, applications and sophisticated IT processes have totally redefined the benefits of enterprise…
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MDM for Android based Digital Signage

Mobile Device Management for Android based Digital Signage

Android digital signage kiosks are used at various places, in retail malls, at airports, at hotels and resort,…
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7 Important Business Metrics for SaaS Companies to Track Growth

Business Metrics for SaaS Companies Growing any business from scratch is difficult but scaling up a Software as…
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GDPR compliance

GDPR: How SaaS companies should prepare for the regulation?

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.”  Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the…
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5 Major Business Benefits of Mobile Device Management

It is the rise of the mobile devices as the new exciting edge of everyday computing and has…
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Steps to Reinventing your IT Department In 2018

Three Steps to Reinventing your IT Department In 2018

One cannot disagree with the notion of having an expansive IT department in an organization and the various…
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Rugged Device Management

Simplified Handheld Rugged Device Management

Mobile users in the healthcare, construction, retail, manufacturing, distribution and transportation verticals work in the harsh environment and…
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