Lockdown iPad in the Classroom

  • August 6, 2018

iPads and iPhones are used widely in education today because of the ubiquity of the mobile devices and the introduction of the concept of blended learning. In addition, Apple has been releasing user-friendly apps very frequently and millennials & the iGen are growing up with smartphones, in fact, most of them do not even remember about the time before the internet. iGen already has an Instagram account even before they start high school. iGen’s firstborn members were early teenagers when the iPhone was introduced in 2007, and high-school students when the iPad was introduced in 2010.

Lockdown iPad in Classroom

“The iPhone continues to be the most popular smartphone among teens, according to data gathered by investment firm Piper Jaffray in its semiannual U.S. teen survey in 2016.” It is mentioned in their report – “ Apple continued to grow smartphone share among teens with 76% of teens owning an iPhone vs 74% in Fall-16. We view the survey as a positive data point on iPhone 7 demand and excitement around the upcoming launch of the 10th anniversary iPhone (iPhone X)

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Thus, more and more schools, colleges and universities have already started to leverage the mobile technology in the classroom by using iPads to enhance the learning experience and create a collaborative learning environment irrespective of the time and location of the students and the instructors.

But, along with the advantages which technology provides us, there are various pitfalls as well. Consumer devices can be misused by the students and staff for various other purposes besides the educational purpose and hence the core objective of the institute may get lost. Hence, to avoid pitfalls, it becomes imperative for the institutes to deploy the right Mobile Device Management Solution and lockdown iPad.

In the beginning, iPads were more used for personal utilities, which allowed individual to change settings and content as needed. Hence, to avoid this in the school setting, iPads are now enrolled with the iPad management software like Scalefusion which has comprehensive controls for configuring and administering the school-owned devices. It can lockdown iPad into kiosk/single app mode or multi-app mode and ensures restrictions on the usage of the devices with iPad Kiosk App.

Again, teachers always want the ability to see the student’s screen in the locked down mode and to have a certain educational app on their devices, which would help them in educating the students. However, teachers do not have time to indulge in the technology, hence they need a centralized system by which they can get their content pushed to their student’s iPad and collaborate with them easily.

Here are 5 important benefits of locking down iPad in the educational institutes!

iPads in the classrooms enables blended learning which is a part of the modern education and revolutionizing the learning methodology. Scalefusion – iPad management software for schools helps institutes to implement this new concept in the best possible manner. Let’s go through some of its important benefits –

Empower teachers & focused students – When iPads are used by the students in the classroom, it is critical to ensure that students don’t lose focus. Teachers can decide which all educational applications, eBooks or websites should be available and accessible on the device by the students. And this list of accessible content is the effective tool for teachers to better engage the students and enforce restrictions to other irrelevant content to avoid distractions. IT admin and/or the teachers can access the student device screen remotely to better monitor student activities and even provide real-time support.

Organise students and staff – All the school-owned devices given to the students as well as staff can be managed, controlled and organized from a central web-based console. Apps, content, remote location tracking, virtual fencing of the devices, enforcing security features, is managed centrally by the IT admin. iPads lockdown means turning iPads into kiosk/single app or the multi-app mode according to the school’s requirements.

Centralized Content Repository – In educational institutes, content is very critical. It must be uploaded on time, updated regularly and different content must be pushed to respective students and teachers.

Better collaboration among students and teachers – The devices can be grouped based on different grades, so the teacher can administer all the activities of the students and collaborate effectively with the help of Eva messenger app

Safeguarding student’s data – Students’ data related to their test scores, project work, will be protected as security is the top concern for the schools and that is met only by the right MDM solution. Students use the school-owned devices inside as well as outside the classroom as well as the school. Hence, Scalefusion ensures that student’s data remain safe irrespective of whether the device is accessed from home or school, and even when an iPad is stolen or lost, with the help of Lost Mode.

To summarise it can be put simply that, Scalefusion iPad management software helps teachers and IT admins manage all the tablets and smartphones which are used in teaching & learning from the central web console i.e. dashboard and make use of devices easier and effortless. From the dashboard, IT admins can push settings and apps to the devices remotely. This makes a comprehensive solution to manage all the school-owned devices and make learning and education interactive and innovative.

About the Author

Nema Buch is a Research & Marketing professional, also writes for Scalefusion on Enterprise Mobility trends, SaaS, and different Industry Verticals.

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